“In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right…to the assistance of counsel for his defense.” – U.S. Constitution, Amendment VI

Georgia Public Defender Standards Council

Tracy J. Mullis Appointed Cordele CPD

Mullis photo We are pleased to announce that after reviewing the Local Supervisory Panel’s recommendations and interviewing the very qualified candidates they presented that Tracy J. Mullis will be the new Cordele Circuit Public Defender effective December 16, 2014. Tracy’s extensive criminal defense experience includes the Georgia Innocence Project and as a public defender in the Middle Circuit. There, Tracy rose to the level of Chief APD and served as Interim Circuit Public Defender, before starting a successful private practice. As a private attorney, Tracy was a contractor for GPDSC. Recognized as one of the best criminal defense attorneys in the area, Tracy came to us highly recommended. Her knowledge, skills and experience will be an asset to her clients, the Cordele Circuit and GPDSC.